Interact with the world of Lime Ergot through these commands:

LOOK (or L for short) to see where you are.

EXAMINE ME to see who you are.

EXAMINE thing (or X thing for short) to inspect what's around you.

TAKE thing to get something; INVENTORY (or I for short) to see what you've taken.

PUT thing IN thing.

GIVE thing TO someone.

There are other commands too, but these are the most important.

The Spanish version is by Ruber Eaglenest.


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Can't figure out what to do :(


Try examining things. (Like X FOLIAGE, for example.) If examining a thing mentions something else, you should try examining that too!


AH, got it! Haha. Thanks. I absolutely love the use of the retrieval mechanics — super clever and re-imagines the possibilities with IF for me! 

Thank you! That's really nice to hear.